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We always try to harmonize the balls and corporate parties so that the music is played all the time during the ball and party, so the band changes the Djs, video or karaoke and vice versa, and it always creates a great atmosphere among the guests, or we can only arrange for action under better conditions with djs to party. Dear organizers of the ball, corporate party, students. If you want to use our service for your ball or party, feel free to contact us. Below, check out the specified bid. We will definitely find time for personal consultation! Our credo is the satisfaction of varied requirements by performing unusual ways to ensure the highest quality of service. We will meet you with an individual approach, professional service, state-of-the-art technology and the ability to respond at any time to all your requirements. Proper use of appropriate sound and lighting technology is a crucial element for every successful party and greatly influences the success of the event. Whether it's conferences, congresses, social and cultural events, corporate events, seminars or exhibitions, quality sound and lights are becoming an integral part of these events.

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Rental sound light party video disco karaoke sound engineer djs

We will take care of the complete technical provision of musical productions at your corporate party. Our DJ for a wedding or a corporate party will play your favorite music for you from the 1960s to the present. All actions are accompanied by a spoken word. Music on demand is a matter of course Our DJs play all over the Czech Republic and prepare complete music production at weddings, corporate parties, celebrations and other private events. We have sound, lights, video, karaoke, wedding djs, club djs and more

For the karaoke video event, we have the lights at the FX Party Party video. The djs music production is complemented by image clips. We use high-quality sound and LED lights: DB Technologies, Nexo, Shure, AKG, Pioneer DJ, Soundcraft, DBX, Lexicon, DBC Audio, Img Stage Line, AVFX, BeamZ, Fututelight

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we will sound your band as well as any commercial space. Rental of sound systems for events.Slight, videodisco, karaoke can be ordered.

Djs for party and light

We have DJ for events that play from oldies through CZ-SK music to House music. We offer: dj for celebration, dj for weddings, dj to party, club dj, karaoke party and VDJs.

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We rent sound techniques for djs, bands, musicians and companies. Rental of equipment but also only components in Prague and its surroundings. Lights, video, karaoke, dj, etc ....